Takes Two to Hustle

– – – “Takes Two to Hustle” is my latest film. It is shot on 16mm and Mini-DV. The process for this film was an incredible learning experience; from pre-production, shooting, and editing – definitely my biggest production so far. … Continue reading

Rookie of the Protocol


– – –

This is a film I co-wrote and co-direct with a good friend of mine. It was a film exercise on incorporating self-reflexivity where “reflexive cinema is about films which call attention to themselves as cinematic constructs” (William C. Siska, 285). Shot on 16mm film, enjoy!

– – –

One day in the life of a wannabe gangster named Fabio; or at least that’s what the filmmakers who wrote this are telling you.
Starring Luigi Buffone
With: Jonathan Bosco, Dexter Allen and Carmela Mazzarello