Takes Two to Hustle

– – –

“Takes Two to Hustle” is my latest film. It is shot on 16mm and Mini-DV. The process for this film was an incredible learning experience; from pre-production, shooting, and editing – definitely my biggest production so far. I believe the best decision to get my vision on screen was the choice of shooting it on film – a quality and “look” that NO digital camera can match. I am inspired by Seventies cinema – just to name a few: “Mean Streets”, “Taxi Driver”, “Rocky” and shooting 16mm was the perfect choice and I wish to continue with this medium. Long live film!

– – –

D’Onofrio.Film Productions presents “Takes Two to Hustle”

A wild pool hustler and his fierce protector make a living on the streets – a breeding ground for dirty money. People look up to them, including the young man who has a documentary in the making about the pool shark. Like any dynamic duo, they can’t live without each other.

Written and Directed by Alberto D’Onofrio
Director of Photography: Cory Reynolds

Starring: Alan Heillig, Nicholas B. York and Joey Crisafi


Concordia University Film III Year End Screening

NewFilmmakers New York 2014 @ Anthology Film Archives in New York City                                        www.newfilmmakers.com   www.facebook.com/newfilmmakersny




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